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Oct 04, 2006

The Badger - Paper + Badge toy

From the mad genious behind the Brickboy paper toy, Sjors Trimbach, comes his latest creation -- the Badger.  The Badger is  a hybrid of two low cost designer goods -- a paper toy and a badge doubling as the face.  The first series will be released at the upcoming Pictoplasma Conference (10.11 - 10.14) in Berlin and features four designs (each limited to 25 pieces) from Kenn Munk, Christian Lindemann, Martijn van Sas, and Sjors Trimbach.  How do you get one of these quirky collectibles?

  • Easy: go to the Pictoplasma conference and buy it directly from Sjors.
  • Personal: make friends with the designers and try to get numbers 1-10 from them
  • Fun: win a full set in the HOW BAD IS THE BADGER?! contest!

The person who best describes "how much crap this new thing is wins a full set of all 4 designs".
Go wild, get personal, insult, curse and freak out. How bad can you get? HOW BAD IS THE BADGER?!
Enter now at the Toydigger Forum.

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this is an excellent idea!

Amazing! Simple and striking!

I love Brickboy.I hope I can get my hands on a few. These are gonna be awesome.


Hey. Wanna swap something for one of mine?
Mine's the "your mum went to Pictoplasma..." one.

Great idea...

Thanks everyone!
I already have yours Kenn :D

I'll swap you somethin' Mr Munk, should we do the handover by night on a bridge somewhere in Berlin? Or just at the Pictoplasma show. Your design rocks!

this is fresh!!! love your idea

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