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Oct 27, 2006


October 27, 2006

Further investigation has revealed that these Kozik Operatives are being
referred to as “Comandante Rojos” and/or “Ediciones Anarchista Por Kozik” by
a devoted group of followers. This discrete community has paid a specific
dollar amount in exchange to providing shelter for a few of these Comandante

Are these Kozik Operatives more charming than initially thought? Is some
form of Communist-based Group Think mind-control at work? What in the world
does “Anarchy” have to do with Communist Military Action?!

:Operative MPB
[email protected]

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hey i thought i read that the KOZIK el panda would be camoed out, but this one isn't. Does that mean that the camo-clad version got the axe or are there gonna be 2 KOZIKs?! If so, when might the other be showing up? Either way, this one will make its way to my shelf.

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