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Oct 20, 2006


October 18, 2006

Multiple Kozik Operatives have been spotted on an international level. Word amongst the Intelligence community is that the Project masterminds (something code named KOZIKXMUTTPOP) intends to unleash these dangerous Operatives onto the unassuming public…much sooner than we have anticipated.

I have included our clearest photo to date of one such operative. He immediately spotted our reconnaissance photographer and fled the scene. Below you will find evidence of the vicious trail of carnage the Kozik Operative left behind. Who’d have thought the Operative had a penchant for wood chips?

: Operative MPB

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Gotta get my hands on it!
Presale ???

There's a dude hawking one on eBay:


I got mine in the mail today and its everything I hoped it'd be...and more! Nice nice nice work from the muttpops as always. Buying multiples of a toy (I've already got the el panda original) is something I thought I'd never do. I'd set my sights on Imperial though, but then the Kozik one jumped in my sights right in time.

Anyways. This dude is badass. Also: he surprisingly looks terrific with the el panda original hat on.

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