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Oct 06, 2006


October 6, 2006

The following are highly confidential photos of a communist super-soldier dubbed
"Operation: Kozik". Covert US operatives stationed in Cuba during the 1960s took
the following photos.

There has been a significant increase in file access activity over the last
3 days. How can this drastic change in activity be explained?

I will report additional information as it is discovered.

: Operative MPB

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Awesome! How much, When, and will you sell in Taiwan?

Looks awesome, saw a pic of the Anachista in a previous article about the Black Bean release. When's it going to be dropping into a store near me? and what's the run on this?, oh and when will you be announcing the Kung Pao, Pablano, and those two other colourways of Tequila?


Zozik did a sweet job with it. Will get this for sure.

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