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Aug 11, 2006

Red Demon Revealed Part 5

Here’s a followup  look at the first revision of Muttpop’s Red Demon figure. Monster5 began to really clean up the suit while still maintaining a very cloth-like quality to the sculpt by adding wrinkles and seams. We were a bit worried if Monster5 would be able to produce a stable rendition of Red Demon’s awkward stance, but as can be seen by the photos, Red Demon looks to be standing just fine. Also included are two new illustrations of Red Demon by Bill. Be sure to check out the Muttpop Blog  for more of Bill’s artwork and an advanced look at many more characters created by the Muttpop crew.

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love it! looking great guys!

love it! looking great guys!

He just oozes attitude. Freaking awesome!

Brilliant! I thought the ridges on his arm were rolled up sleeves before but now I see they aren't and I think it looks much better!

This is going to look amazing when it's finished! :D

Thanks man! I really look forward to the release of your own pieces...congrats.

That's what we were going for. I'm glad we were able to capture a bit of the Red Demon vibe.

Thanks Okkle. It really means a lot that you are digging the development of Red Demon has much as you have been.

-Muttpop Bob

That Red Demon is one suave bastard.

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