Upcoming Toys from Wheaty Wheat Studios

Wheaty Wheat Studios showed off several new prototypes during SDCC at their temporary showroom at the Five and a Dime designer toy store in downtown SD.  While many were lured by the offer of free BBQ (the hamburgers were quite tasty) and the raffle for A/P editions of the Joe Ledbetter toys, the real highlight for us were the toys of course.  Before we get rolling, we have to mention this was the first opportunity to buy the new Zliks by Andrew Bell.  These came out quite well — definitely worth the wait.

Several new prototypes were shown including the intense Dhall 1.0 by Cam De Leon.  Cam hasn’t dabbled in vinyl for awhile but this should mark a triumphant return.  Brian Taylor had not one but two amazing protos on display.  The eagerly anticipated Candy Killer was on display of course.  However, the real surprise was DogGone — a mounted canine skull.  This one’s very cool with some nice sculpt work especially on the teeth. Kathie Olivas’ Violet was shown as a fully painted proto complete with striped squid legs.   Dacosta Bayley’s Dcto figure, his up-dated take on a traditional Japanese figure, was on display.  There are about six colorways on display, all of which will have a weight in the center which will allow Dcto to maintain his balance despite human intervention. Dolly by MedFed places pharmaceutical drugs front and center in a deceptively cute package.  Finally, Phallic Mammary’s title piece, "The Phallic Mammary", was on display.  This reminds me of a cute beholder creature.  Several other figure designs were shown on the poster board so this would seem to be the first of an upcoming series.

Wheaty Wheat also showed several previously shown protos including Sket One’s Buck Eye Rot, MAD’s Snips (previously known as Stitches), Ink Slinger from Brandt Peters, and several of the smaller Urbanites from Chris Lee.  Speaking of the Urbanites, Mellow should be dropping shortly.

Wheaty Wheat Studios had some very nice protos on display.  The wait for these to drop however short or long, will be agonizing.  Props to Chris Lee for some additional pics to set this off right.


Rich VanOver (center-seated), Debbie  Yoon (Left)



Candykiller by Brian Taylor

DogGone by Brian Taylor


Dolly by MedFed

Violet by Kathie Olivas

Dcto by Dacosta Bayley







Dhall 1.0 by Cam De Leon


The Phallic Mammary by Phallic Mammary


Buck Eye Rot by Sket One

Snips by MAD

Ink Slinger by Brandt Peters

Giant Zlik customized by various artists



Custom MAD*L’s by MAD

Debbie Yoon working hard

Rich VanOver

AB’s Zliks! Available for the first time.


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14 Replies to “Upcoming Toys from Wheaty Wheat Studios”

  1. these are the worst vinyl toys I have seen in my entire life.. everything is too simple, no life, no glamour. I’m very dissapointed.

  2. I agree with Sara. There’s nothing interesting about any of these toys. We need to get these artists to step it up a bit!

  3. The worst toys? Not interesting? No life? No Glamour?
    Angry Zen Master, and Sara, your comments are contradictory, and don’t really make sense.
    I guess when you boil it down it’s all just a matter of opinion, but if that is truly the case then your opinions really SUCK!
    Maybe you guys should stick to collecting something more on your level like Barbie dolls, and Hot Wheels cars.

  4. I do indeed like DCTO. Why is it considered hate if I think it reminds me of Daruma dolls?
    Daruma dolls are a cultural thing in Japan, named after Daruma who was a Zen priest who meditated so long that his legs atrophied. When you get a Daruma doll, it has no eyes. You make a wish and color in one eye. When your wish comes true, you color in the other.
    I don’t mind being flamed, but please, flame me for something worth flaming about. I fucking love DCTO so there!

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