Sket One’s Evel Speederbike @ Back in the Day (07.21.06)

Sket One’s concept for the Back in the Day show was to have artists revisit fond memories of the past by customizing a toy they played with as kids.  Evel Speeder Bike combines Sket’s  love for Star Wars and America’s most infamous daredevil, Evel Knievel.  This piece is sleek and really a powerful combination of mid-80’s and 70’s pop culture.  Sponsored by Wheaty Wheat Studios, Back in the Day opens on Friday July 21st at L Street Fine Art Gallery in San Diego.

L Street Gallery
628 L Street (6th Avenue and L Street downtown)
San Diego CA 92101

14 Replies to “Sket One’s Evel Speederbike @ Back in the Day (07.21.06)”

  1. That is awesome! Brings back memories for both of those icons for me! It is distinctly both Evel Knievel and Star Wars. 😀

  2. This works so well, cannot really think of why no one has done something like this, that is why it is so amazing. Great work Sket! Again, amazing!!! Joe

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