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Jun 30, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!!" Part 25 : El Panda Raw

Following the tradition established with Tequila, Muttpop is selling El Panda Raws directly to collectors. As of today, Muttpop newsletter subscribers can purchase this unpainted vinyl rotocast version of Monster5’s superb El Panda sculpt with signed original Gobi box art for $125.00 (plus shipping & handling). Only 50 El Panda Raws were made. Check out  a sampling of the awesome box art Gobi created for the purest renditions of Monster5’s El Panda sculpt.

Ah RAW...  This is the most limited editon of El Panda plus you get original hand-drawn art on the box -- pretty unique offering for the collector seeking the upper levels of desirability and rarity.       










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the original version is the best.

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