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Jun 09, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!!" Part 23

Party time!  Muttpop’s  Raw El Panda, El Panda Black Bean, and Raw Tequila helped the Muttpop Crew begin unpacking for the big El Panda Release Party  @ Munky King Melrose (this coming Thursday, June 15th, 7-9pm)!

In addition, to  the selling the Munky King Exclusive El Panda Black Bean (100 pieces), Muttpop will also have a few of the following for sale at the event:

Raw El Panda (limited to 50 pieces) -
Comes with an on-the-box original El Panda sketch by the Incredible Gobi!

El Panda Plush (3 pieces available)
These are the first El Panda plushes handmade by the elegant & charming Mademoiselle F. of Lupo.

Raw Tequilas (limited to 50 pieces):
There might be 1 or 2 Raw Tequilas available for purchase.

There will also be plenty of  other goodies and sneak peaks at prototypes for upcoming
figures from the Muttpop Crew! Once again, Tequila and El Panda character designer Gobi will fly in from France specifically for this event. Don’t forget to drop by and say hello to Gobi, Jerry Frissen, and Muttpop Bob.

El Panda’s Release party will be held at:

Munky King on Melrose
7308 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046








El Panda Plush Packaging

El Panda Plush


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That is the S!T right thre!

the plush is soooo cute!!

I like the black bean and regular el panda's. They are killer. joe of vinylfixx.com

So fresh, Can I order the plush? Will VP sell it?

I love this panda!

Kosick did a book called panda meat.

Is your el panda that tasty too?



Thanks. I'm really curious to see what public response will be to the El Panda plush.

Thanks, man. I appreciate the continued support. I still have your pic with your Extra Spicy figure! :-)

Only 4 plushes made thus far. At least 3 of them will go for sale at the Melrose Munky King release party. If there appears to be continued interest, we may have more made for sale at a later time.

I hope to see a few of you next Thursday at the El Panda Release Party. Stop by and say hi!

-Muttpop Bob

Sorry, but that stupid Panda just isn't that interesting. I mean, the first time I saw it it was kind of cool, but for months I check this web site and I know there's going to be yet *another* picture of the dumb thing. What is so special about it? When will it leave.

I dont know you.

Be nice Bobito. Thank you, drive thru.


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