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May 26, 2006

"El Panda Revealed" Part 21

In celebration of the official release of their El Panda figure, Muttpop  has partnered  with Munky King on the
El Panda Release Party on Thursday June 15th from 7 to 11 PM at Munky King's brand-new Melrose location!

To make this event super special, the release party will be the debut of Munky King’s exclusive El Panda Black Bean. This sweet variant is limited to only 100 figures and is exclusive to  Munky King.

Gobi will, once again, be flown out from France specifically for the event to sign toys and sketch for customers alongside Jerry Frissen and Muttpop Bob. So come by and meet the people behind El Panda ( and Tequila of course!).

The international debut of El Panda Original will  follow shortly in mid to late June.

Munky King Melrose
7308 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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I didn't know Gobi was from France. France and Belgium eh? I wonder if people in the states know what kind of killer draftsmen and sculptors this neck of the woods has produced. So-called "comic book" artists are considered as real artists. Robert Williams should stop freaking out about not being recognized as a fine artist by the L.A. clique of the 60's and move to France or Belgium. Thats what Robert Crumb did.

Too Bad I'm across the continent and will miss the Borachera launch of the Black Bean.

I don't know how good i is to have free drinks and greasy finger food at your launch. My tequila raw, obtained at a similar launch, is grease stained, presumably through drunken handling of said figures while eating nachos?

Swing Low sweet black bean, i may never get to fondle your smooth black plastic flesh in my skinny white hands.

Good work Locochones !!!



O love love love love love these figures.....

Haha, goddamnit, I graduate on the 15th.
Horrible, horrible luck.

You all are not MEXICAN? What are you pulling? How can you know about Mejico and the luchadores culture? Viva Zapata! Gueros Bueyes

Porque viven en Los Angeles cabron. If you can grow up in SoCal and not know about mexican culture, either you live in a cave or you're a pinche racista. What about Mexican Hip Hop and Metal, what the hell do a bunch of Mariachis and Tigres del Norte fans know about good ole american styles...huh!They just be gozando the stuff they like and respect.

If foreigners show respect for my culture i would be flattered and wouldn't tell them off.

Soy un gringo guero y conosco mas la historia de tu pais que la puedes conocer tu mismo. En el siglo 21 todo se puede, vivimos en un solo mundo y somos todos hermanos.

"el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz"
-Benito Juarez

Are there any girls on this toyline? I learned from MEAN magazine that
Monster5 sculpted fafie toy.I buy fafie toy and its is nice. Hard to find in market but I got one. I got fafie adidas shoes and jacket too. soo pretty. I want a lucha cute girl from you guys! Will you make ?

We appreciate the Euro-love!

Thanks. As a man in the business, we appreciate the thumbs up!

There's still hope! For a second chance, be sure to join the newsletter. E-mail info@muttpop.com and ask to be subscribed.

There's no clear way to define the Muttpop crew. Our artists are from France. Jerry is a Belgian living in Los Angeles. Monster5 is Japanese. Muttpop Bob (me) is Japanese-Peruvian/Portuguese-Hawaiian...the love of culture extends even further! All Los Angeleans have a touch of Mexico in their blood...even if they refuse to embrace it (as Zapatoloco has wonderfully conveyed)!

There are a series of girl characters. I WISH I could share their group's name, but doing so would give away a bit of their visual style! No immediate plans yet, but we hope to eventually have Monster5 sculpt the ladies for our Lucha Libre line!

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