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May 12, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!!" Part 19

This week have a look at  the El Panda BLACK BEAN variant from Muttpop

The star on El Panda Black Bean's hat was kept red. The details on Black Bean's mask and bamboo were accented with slick black paint. These subtle touches bring simplicity and sophistication to this mostly monochromatic rendition of El Panda.

This is one ouf personal favorite variants of El Panda.  There's something just right about the worthy adversary of Tequila cloaked in menancing black from head to toe.

Check back next week for the FINAL round of Variant Prototype pics: CLASSICO!










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This one rocks like a beast !!! OUCH!!! Love them black beans, use to hate black beans until i lived in guatemala, now i can eat a sack a day, PROTEIN without killing! OK Bob, this is one i want badly, hear?

This one's fairly limited so definitely be ready when it arrives.

You don't happen to live in Los Angeles, do you? ;-)

Otherwise, make damn sure you're on our Newsletter list (which I'm almost certain you are).

-Muttpop Bob

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