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May 16, 2006

Geiko Myori Lost in the Disenchanted World

NVC (Dr. Bao and Spive) conquered their greatest challenge with customizing a 3" dunny. In bringing Dr. Bao's 2d geisha art work into 3d, the NVC crew had to come up with creative ways to create a realistic kimono. With some effort, they managed to turn this 3" dunny into a graceful creature. In creating the background, they wanted an unreal world where all the colors are shifted and nothing seems to be plausible as the innocent colorful geisha stands among the predatory evil dark tree. NVC's mixed media diaoramas serve to introduce us not only to ther characters but also their stories and the world they inhabit.  It might be interesting to have a show of custom 3d toy diaoramas ;-)

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