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Apr 28, 2006

NVC's Shi Yan Cung

NVC's (Dr. Bao and Spive) newest custom is Shi Yan Cung. Take a closer look, can you tell which toy did they use ? Well, it is a 3'' Dunny with his ears cut off. With his white face and blank eyes, Shi Yan Cung is a soulless and possessed warrior. The sense of eeriness is reemphaized by the style of his hamlet, hidding his eyes. Besides the customization, NVC gave this character a storyline by sculpting a background with all hand crafted bones and skulls. This piece combines the best of the worlds of craftsmanship and story telling.

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WOW! That is crazy cool, I can't stop looking at it!

Hey thanks Cameron and Morgan for your feedbacks! I really appreciate your support. It helps us to keep working hard and coming up with new pieces!

Thanks to Francine and Jack also for their excellent on VP.


Bao.....NVC crew.....

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