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Mar 17, 2006

"El Panda Revealed" Part 11

Jerry Frissen used his magical design skills to put the final touches on Muttpop’s El Panda box design.  While staying consistent with the Muttpop look that was successfully implemented in the Tequila package, Jerry brought visual touches to the El Panda box design that gave homage to the many symbols associated with Chinese culture. Here’s a bit of information on El Panda that will be included on the right panel of the final box design:

NAME: El Panda
SEX: male
AGE: unknown
ALLIES: Poquito Furioso, Bobby Jaws, El Mierda De Oro
ENEMIES: Tequila, Luchadores5, Tikitis

Despite not speaking the language and asserting that “Chop Suey” is a traditional dish in Mainland China, El Panda believes he is Chinese. His distorted interpretation of Chinese culture has developed through obsessively watching dubbed kung fu films and regular visits to China Town. El Panda refuses to speak in any language other than Chinese. Unfortunately, El Panda does not know Chinese. El Panda communicates through indiscernible audible gibberish that he has hired an elder Chinese man to translate for others. Since El Panda isn’t really speaking Chinese, his Chinese translator invents translations as he sees fit. El Panda and Tequila have been rivals since elementary school. Their hatred for one another has grown greater with age, much like a fine bottle of Shaoxing rice wine.

Muttpop has done a great job tying everything together, the looks, the attitude, the background, of El Panda, beautifully combined to bring out the best of this confused soul. Next week will be the official reveal of the El Panda prototype!

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Who do you use for box printing? Great work Guys!

Thanks Dingo.

The boxes are printed at the toy manufacturer. The design is done by our fabulous Muttpop team.

-Muttpop Bob

Love your shit. Keep doing your work and good things will come to you!

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