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Mar 10, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!" Part 10

Updated (2:00 PM): Two additional El Panda graphics

With the  sculpt complete, Muttpop proceeded to develop material for the El Panda box design.  For consistency's sake, the  team decided to build off of elements that were successfully introduced in the Tequila package design.  In addition to the 2 illustrations Gobi had made of El Panda, Gobi created an illustration that stayed true to the stance and sculpt of the El Panda vinyl figure. As a distorted interpretation of Chinese stereotypes, a variety of "Chinese" elements were included such as a rickshaw, sculpted dragons, and fireworks. The other members of the Muttpop team also contributed with their talents. Jerry Frissen went to work by designing an El Panda logo and creator credits that reflected El Panda's Mao-inspired style. Muttpop Bob supplied text descriptions that reflected the quirky nature of the character's personality and Muttpop's humorous style. Be back here next week to look at the completed version of Muttpop's El Panda package design!

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Oh man! That illustration of El Panda with the rickshaw is sweet!

I love the artwork!!! It inspired me a bit to do a quick little thing. I sent a link to info@muttpop.com. Keep up the good work.

gobi rocks!

Thanks. We felt that El Panda and rickshaws are a natural fit.

I love the way you colored the rickshaw piece. It's a nice interpretation of Gobi's artwork that brings a very Chinese feel to it. Please add a link to your work if you want others to check it out.

Gobi is very thankful.

I think you guys will really dig the finished package. Be sure to check it out next Friday.

-Muttpop Bob

Cool, thanks Bob. Here's a link in case anyone else wants to check it out.

is very good Art work !!!

Nice work bort! That's awesome.

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