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Mar 16, 2006

Coca-Cola "We All Speak Football" Trexi Series

Daren Gan

Play Imaginative has unveiled their Coca-Cola "We All Speak Football" Trexi Series featuring 25 figures by some of the hottest international designers working today.  This is a designer centric series.  Each designer created a trexi based on their interpretation of the Coca-Cola and Football (err soccer for us amercians ;-) and also their own  individual unique box.  This series is really nice and does a good job of showcasing some serious design talent.  Most of these Trexi designs are fresh, dynamic and just kick butt.  It's great to see iconic/signature designs from  designers like Jim Koch, Danny Chan, and Sam Fout to name just a few.  Yes, it's a corporate sponsored series, but with these designs I almost don't care.  So who's kicking it in this series? 

Play Imaginative Darren Gan (Singapore) * Play Imaginative Airene (Singapore) * Play Imaginative Cain (Singapore) * Danny Chan (HK) * Winson Ma (HK) * Ultraman (HK) * Tim Tsui (HK)* Huck Gee (USA) * Tracy Tubera (USA) * Sam Fout (USA) * MCA (USA) * Jim Koch (USA) * Mickey Huang (Taiwan) * Jon Burgerman (UK) * Rolito (France) * Koa (France) * Devilobots (Japan) * Touma (Japan) * Mori Chack (Japan) * Furi Furi (Japan) * Kei Sawada (Japan) * Erwin Weber (The Netherlands) * Stephan Lau (Malaysia) * Jeremyville (Australia) * DGPH (Argentina)

Jim Koch

Airene (Play Imaginative)

Furi Furi



Winson Ma


Tracy Tubera


Tim Tsui

Stephen Lau

Sam Fout


Mori Chack

Mickey Huang

Cain (Play Imaginative)


Erwin Weber

Danny Chan

Kei Swada

Huck Gee

MCA - Evil Design

John Burgerman


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I think these are great designs, but many pieces are ruined with the corporate Logos on the actual toys.
corporate sponsored projects are ok, but any logo on the art(toy) is ICK and makes it feel like a coffee mug.

Same old artists.

Yeah man....same old artists. Let us see some new Unsung Heroes design for a change.

Am i the same ol artist you all see everywhere? These are only for Coke a cola in Asia. They will be here in the states because some of us have fans.

where can you find these in the states?

Jim you are a pimp your stuff is everywhere!

Nice Traxi everyone...

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