Save Huck: Doktor A’s Rozwell Munny @ MODA3 (2.17.06)

Doktor A’s Rozwell Munny will be part of the upcoming Save Huck Munny Show @ MODA3 in Milwaukee, WI (2.17.06).  This lil’ intergalatic warrior "has come to Earth to fight against injustice towards artists". I love the  clean design, the signature pink and purple Dok A color scheme  and the  contrast between the front and back of the piece.  While the front is smooth and fairly subtle, the back features the retro styled alien apparatus.  The mix works well.  Also, the retro gauges, gear, and weapon fit perfectly into the Rozwell concept. Oh, did I mention the inventive use of the Munny shape? +5 ūüôā  It also reminds me just a bit of the amphibian general from Star Wars (or was he an admiral) — ohhh man, here come the comments! 

15 Replies to “Save Huck: Doktor A’s Rozwell Munny @ MODA3 (2.17.06)”

  1. Thanks very much fellows..!
    Had some fun with this one.. Just freewheeled it and he came out good!
    Hope it make a pile for Huck’s Cause….

  2. DOPE!!! Great work as always Dok. Peeps are really stepping up with the level of work for this show! Everything I’ve seen so far looks amazing!

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