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Feb 24, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!" Part 8

After his final round of tweaks, Monster5 completed the official sculpt of Muttpop's El Panda figure.To better illustrate how the final figure will look, Monster5 painted the panda patterns around the figure's eyes and mouth. So, what do you think?  Some of you may have seen a painted prototype of El Panda from Toy Fair and let me just say there are lots more to see!!  Check back next week for an "artsier" showcase of the final sculpt!

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Nothing more to say about the scuplt, Monster 5 rocks. I saw the Chesire Cat he did for Span, the guy is great!!! Hey Bob, any chance for a mini line of luchadores? I have some little cousins that might like these guys. I'd rather have them play with and destroy a $8-$12 toy than a $60 piece of vinyl. Just an idea, keep up the good work.

As always, thanks Bort.

Yes, we are playing around with a few concepts for a mini line of luchadores. We're still a ways away from anything significant, but we are very interested in doing the best we can to ensure there are Muttpop Luchadores of all shapes and sizes.

-Muttpop Bob

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