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Feb 17, 2006

"El Panda Revealed!" Part 7

This week Muttpop has some very interesting photos of El Panda to show you. At first glance you might think someone went crazy with pink and blue paint on El Panda's sculpt. However, they are are just indications of what Monster5's revisions were. Check it out.

Monster5 made the following tweaks to the El Panda sculpt:

1. SHOES: Made thicker
2. CHIN: Was slightly sanded down.
3. HAT: Was repositioned closer to El Panda's head. It was also made secureby making a ridge in the hat that rests on the figure's right ear.
4. DETAIL: Lines and detail in the sculpt were made crisper.

Images shown below showcase the changes made by Monster5. Monster5 used pink paint to illustrate where he has sanded down the El Panda Sculpt. Monster5 used blue paint to illustrate where he has added clay to the sculpt. Check back next week for a cleaned up version of the El Panda sculpt!

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man that is so awesome. i'm picking up tequila this weekend. is there any way you guys could do a tutorial or interview with monster5 for the young aspiring sculptors?

Nice. I think I might have ruined these updates for myself by seeing the pics from Toyfair of El Panda. He looked really good though. Any chance of an all red, or maybe even clear red vinyl version of EL Panda? I think it would fit well with his communist background. Thanks Muttpop.

Awesome! Thanks for the support. A tutorial with Monster5 would be awesome...but it may be a bit difficult to do. He's a very busy guy. I'll see what can be done...

RUINED?! Don't worry, we have plenty more to showcase than what was seen at Toy Fair. Red El Panda? Great minds must think alike! I have a feeling you may really like the El Panda Imperial colorway we came up with...

-Muttpop Bob

SAAAWEET...I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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