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Jan 11, 2006

Samurai Dunny Print by Huck Gee

...Wow!  Is there anybody who does dope Japanese-inspired art better than Huck Gee?  Check out this breath-taking Samurai Dunny watercolor giclee  print.  This 12.75" x 16.5" print is limited to 50 signed and numbered pices and will be available at  Huck Gee's solo art show which  opens at Mechanized in SLC, Utah on Saturday, January 21st.  It's time like these that I love doing Vinyl Pulse!

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Probably the BEST print ive ever seen in my entire life!!!
I dont live in America,i live in Wales,UK.
How can i get my hands on it without booking a ticket to Utah???
If anyone can help me i'll be extremely thankfull and in debt to you for life!!!

^^ what he said...except i dont live in wales...

tite work from MR GEE yet again!

Someone grab me one from the show... please!

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