Tequila Contest

All right people, listen up!!!  To celebrate the release of Tequila
and for VP’s 100K event, we would like to thank our readers by giving
you a chance at winning some awesome prizes from Muttpop. So, here’s
the deal. Leave a comment in this thread only and be sure to fill-in your real email address, 5 random entries will be selected and the prizes are as follows:

Winner 1 will get: One (1) RAW TEQUILA (1/50) w/Box drawn by Gobi and signed by Gobi & Jerry Frissen.

Winner 2 will get: One (1) SET of ART PRINTS (1/50 of each made)
signed by Gobi & Jerry Frissen. The Art prints are of Tequila, El
Panda, & Pilli Pilli.

Winner 3,4, & 5 will get: One (1)1 Mini-zine signed by Gobi, Jerry Frissen, & Muttpop Bob and a set of 3 Stickers.

Here comes the fine print, so read carefully:
1. One entry per person with a valid email address. Multiple entries disqualifies you.
2. Deadline to enter by:  December 18, 2005 8:00pm (PST)
3. Shipping is covered within 48 Continental US; Shipping anywhere else must be paid by winners
5. Winners will be notified by email
6. Winners must
respond to VP within 72 hours of notification; Otherwise, a new winner will be selected

Good luck everyone!!! And finally thanks to the Muttpop crew for making this contest possible!!!


236 Replies to “Tequila Contest”

  1. this is by far one of teh best figures out!
    I love the step by step coverage of the creation process!!!!
    can not wait for the new figures!
    good luck guys!!!

  2. Thanks for bringing us the evolution of tequila. It is great to see how it went from concept to finished product. I am looking forward to seeing one in person!

  3. This is a really good chance since I am not able to travel to San Francisco or Los Angeles…
    Gotta Love Finals and Lack of Money…
    Sure, If I win, It would be the best Christmas Present I had in Years!
    Thanks for this Chance!

  4. Well, it has been some ride for you folks. I enjoyed all articles and dicussions and must say: I’m impressed with all the extra’s you guys put into this toy.
    Hopefully I can see the real thing down here in Europe some day and have a final judgement 😀
    Good luck to all at Muttpop!

  5. Oh shit, PICK ME ! PICK ME like the donkey in SHREK said in that fateful day the quest was begun…
    I want to be the first to put the RAW TEQ up on E bay for jacker prices.

  6. Show me the vinyl!!! Tequila’s the best toy in years and those prints are dope! Being Welsh i never get to own these rare treasures…I need to win bigtime! Ive got everything crossed!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Gimme Tequilla, ah please,please let me win ahahahahahahahahahahaha come on pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeee

  8. Awesome figure! Great character/charm in all the artwork. I would love to own one of those figures. Help a fellow artist out heheh…

  9. Not your average mouse shaped action figure. I probably need this the least of everyone here … I just wanted to make sure the random drawing thing had enough people to be real. If I happen to win … let me know and then draw someone else’s name :-)!

  10. Hey, I followed all the different steps of the production and I liked it a lot.
    Tequila is a cool toy. It would be nice to have one, so hopefully I win.
    Just wait and see.

  11. sex sex sex! ehhh
    necesitamos conseguir en latinoamerica (Suramerica) Colombia a TEQUILA and EL PANDA… links in spanin

  12. chupar mi chorizo es grande tequila, I am vodka the Russian warrior and I will beat your ass for fun and for free, so sniff my magical bacon sack, beef teets wooooh wooooh am like a runaway train you can’t stop me. I”l be your best friend if you let me win. auvoir sausage fingers.

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