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Dec 31, 2005

TADO x Chris Lee: Horror on Tour Exclusive Giclee Print

chris_lee tado giclee print horror_on_tour

TADO and Chris Lee's Horror on Tour show opens on January 13th at Rotofugi in Chicago.  They're keeping the show pieces under wrap until the opening, but here's a sneak peek at the exclusive giclee print that will be available at the show.  If this print is any indication, the show should be amazing! Poor Mellow's always getting himself into these predicaments ;-)

Here are the full details:

Run: Edition of only 50 hand-numbered and signed
Type: Giclee print with archival ink
Size: 18x24" paper size, image area about 16x21"
Paper: Moab Entrada 300gsm, Bright White (twice as thick as cardboard and made of cotton!)
Extra: Comes with a polybag and backed by cardboard
Price: $100

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Pics: Brandon Sopinsky @ Alpha Cult (12.10)

brandon sopinsky wabbitz alphacult
Brandon Sopinsky
brandon sopinsky wabbitz alphacult
Wabbitz Protos

Brandon Sopinksy, the creator of the upcoming Wabbitz toy project, had his very first solo show @ Alpha Cult in Long Beach on Saturday, December 10th.   The show featured original art, custom Wabbitz, as well as the first look at Wabbitz prototypes (including packaging).  We featured Brandon's Wabbitz awhile back and some of you may notice that he's revised the body shape considerably.  The new shape conveys the 'bunny' theme better than the old one IMO -- it's more rounded and organic than the previous design. All this, and he's still studying at Otis College of Art and Design! Thanks to Brandon and friends for the great set of pics. 

brandon sopinsky wabbitz alphacult
Building the BIG Wabbitz Custom
brandon sopinsky wabbitz alphacult

brandon sopinsky wabbitz alphacult
Big and Small
brandon sopinsky wabbitz alphacult
Wabbitz Galore!
brandon sopinsky wabbitz alphacult
brandon sopinsky wabbitz alphacult
Take us to your Leader

brandon sopinsky wabbitz alphacult
Custom Wabbitz
brandon sopinsky wabbitz alphacult
Wabbitz Protos + Custom Dunnys
brandon sopinsky wabbitz alphacult
Big Wabbitz and C8P
brandon sopinsky wabbitz alphacult
Original Art

brandon sopinsky wabbitz alphacult
Spilled Bits
brandon sopinsky wabbitz alphacult
Nuclear Lights
brandon sopinsky wabbitz alphacult
brandon sopinsky wabbitz alphacult
Show Poster


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Jango Fett Dunny by PhuEk

jango fett phuek dunny jango fett phuek dunny

He's back... Way back (ok, a few months ago), we featured PhuEk's tight Bobba Fett Trexi.  Now, he's worked his kit bashing + customizing  skills to bring us a  Jango Fett 3" Dunny.  This commissioned piece is meticulousy detailed complete with well-scaled accessories from the Fett's signature jet pack to his dual silver blasters.  Like before, PhuEk's built a custom lighted base for Jango, but he's taken it to a new level that has our favorite bounty hunter blasting into the unknown powered by his reliable yet heavily worn jet pack.  Definitely, PhuEktastic!

jango fett phuek dunny jango fett phuek dunny jango fett phuek dunny jango fett phuek dunny

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Dec 30, 2005

Rolitodream from Toy2R

Update (12/30)  Now available online. See links at the end of the post.

Rolitodream is the newest 6" Rolitoboy designed by Rolito  of Semper Fi and produced by Toy2R.  Wow...  Rolito continues to amaze me.  I love the dual front/back design featuring day/night.  The expression on  the face is priceless plus the two birds add a peaceful quality to the figure.  This is one of my favorite pieces of the last few months.  This one is limited to 500 pieces and is available now for HK$300 (~ $39.00 USD).

Since many people had a tough time tracking this cute guy down, I thought I'd list two places that have it in stock.  I've done business with both and have been quite happy.  As of now, these are the only sources I'm aware of, but there are almost certainly others.

Oalaworld: Rolitoboys
Rotofugi:  Rolitodream

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OOH BABY I LIKE IT RAW!!!! Especially this RAW!!! After enjoying time off for the holidays, Muttpop prepares for the online sale of RAW TEQUILA. The online sale of RAW will begin in early January. Subscribers to Muttpop's e-mail newsletter ( info@muttpop.com) will be the first informed of RAW's availability (so anyone interested should make sure you are subscribed!). Gobi did pieces of original art on EVERY original RAW box offered online. To change things up a bit, Gobi decided to illustrate the 25 remaining boxes with some India ink and an old beat up paintbrush. These personalized illustrations makes the toy even more exciting. Don't worry about the "glare" around the drawings, it is just the effects of photoshop. Check out Gobi's illustrations below…and good luck scoring an uber-rare RAW Tequila!

tequila_raw_muttpop tequila_raw_muttpop tequila_raw_muttpop tequila_raw_muttpop

tequila_raw_muttpop tequila_raw_muttpop tequila_raw_muttpop tequila_raw_muttpop

Make sure to be back next week/year for the OFFICIAL unveiling of Muttpop's SECOND ROTOCAST FIGURE!!!


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Dec 29, 2005

New Friends With You Plushes

Top: Smiling Malfi, Super Malfi, Malfi, Middle: The Boy,
Bumble Grump, Mr. TTT Burger, Muffin 

The super-imaginative and sometimes plain wacky, Friends with You, have seven new plushes coming from the goold folks at STRANGEco. These range from 12 to 14 inches and consist of two series -- the Malfis and the Burger Bunch.  And then there's The Boy --  hmm :-)  The Malfis are strangely alluring with their cute yet slightly creepy appearance.  And hey, they're penguins!  The Burger Bunch is pretty cool especially the two with the triangular head gear.These are on their way to retailers and should be ready for purchase very soon now. 

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Alice Chan x Sportmax

Alice and her "live dolls"

Alice Chan is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Hong Kong. She's also started to work on designer toys including her recent Qee in the  Toy2R Hong Kong Designer Series. Her latest toy project is a set of 3 doll figures created for the international brand Sportmax (Max Mara's sister brand). The dolls are Grazia, Federica and Sandra. Each doll will be used to present the fall and winter collection from Sportmax. More personal details of the dolls can be found on Alice's website. I love the dolls as they are lively and fresh. They combine the best of both worlds, Sportmax style and Alice's funky designs. They also come with postcard, pin and stickers. They are currently available through  Sportmax and Max Mara stores in Milan, Paris, Taiwan and in Hong Kong you get to take one of these dolsl home as a gift with any purchase of approximately $773US. Beautiful toys and clothes, what more can a girl ask for???

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Dec 28, 2005

Wheaty Wheat Studios in 2006

Wheaty Wheat Studios, perhaps best known for the MAD*Ls and the recent Joe Ledbetter toys, has just announced the addition of three extraordinarily talented artists to its in-house staff: Chris Lee and the husband and wife duo of Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters.  They will all be relocating to Los Angeles to  join what is already one of the premiere companies in the designer toy industry. 

Already an acclaimed artist and graphic designer, Chris Lee is currently finishing up his BS degree in Graphic Design at Sacramento State.  He brings his many talents including graphic design, marketing and branding to Wheaty Wheat.  2006 will be an exciting year for Chris as  Wheaty Wheat will release a line of vinyl toys based on his Urbanites art series. In addition, Chris and TADO's Horror on Tour show will open on January 13th at Rotofugi in Chicago.

Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas are both internationally recognized artists currently based in Florida.  Their Circus Posterus design collective has raised the bar for fine art printing and art curation on the East Coast and will continue to do so on the West Coast as part of Wheaty Wheat Studios.  Wheaty Wheat has optioned and licensed a series of vinyl toys based on Brandt Peters' "neo-vintage" Slap-Happy property which will be released in the summer of 2006.  Wheaty Wheat is also in negotation with Kathie Olivas to produce a line of toys based on her series of characters.

Richard VanOver and Debbie Yoon's Wheaty Studios  has quickly grown to be a force in designer toys with an impressive 20 artist based licensed toy projects to date.  2006 should be the best year yet! We're excited to see the company grow as a result of their hard-work and dedication to this new art form and the people who create it.  Of course, we're  most excited about all the upcoming toys Wheaty Wheat has in store for collectors.  Wheaty Wheat is set to blow minds at Toy Fair 2006 in Feburary with a massive lineup of beautiful toys some already announced and some shrouded in secrecy.   For more info on Wheaty Wheat's newest team members, see the full Wheaty Wheat press release.

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Lunartik's Vinyl Art

Evil Blessings

First Future Plastik brought us vinyl records customized by top artists for their Vinyl Abuse project.  Now, they continue to showcase individual artists' work on  7" and 12" custom vinyl records.  The featured artist of the moment is the  very talented Lunartik (aka Matt Jones).  Lunartik was kind enough to send along pics of three of these custom art collectibles featuring his cute beasties running amok.  Where did they come from and how do you care for them?  Lunartik has the answer: The artwork has been produced under the supervision of the lunar moon, only 20 pieces have been produced, more will follow, all hand drawn, all different and very very nice. All need loving homes, they can be hung on a wall, they don't make any mess, and feeding them isn't a problem.

Both his 7" and 12" records sell for £45.99 each.  Several pieces are still available and can be viewed and purchased from Future Plastik. Looking for a different take on 2D art and vinyl collectibles?  Here ya go!



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To Die For @ Alpha Cult

We all know DEPH's Dunny is among one of the most sought after piece among Dunny Series 2, Ebay prices can confirm that. But did you know that Deph (aka Josh) along with his brother Jason has a apparel line called To Die For? Well, they do and they have worked with industry heads from Paul Frank, Obey and many other high profile clients over several years creating awesome threads. If you are unfamiliar with this side of Deph, have no fear, Alpha Cult in Long Beach will be playing host to a retrospective To Die For show featuring items spanning the label's history. The show will run from  January 14 to February 10, 2006, with the opening on January 14 from 7-10 pm. And yes, Deph will be there to sign your Dunnys!!! So, bring your Dunnys and come by to check out other works of this talented artist.

Alpha Cult
408 E. 1st St., #102
Long Beach, Ca 90802

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Dec 27, 2005

A Closer Look at Kidrobot's LA Dunny Series

la_dunny_gary_baseman la_dunny_joe_ledbetter

Updated:  Fixed distribution ratios per the helpful comment -- thanks Jake.

By now almost everybody's eagerly awaiting Kidrobot's next Dunny Series, LA Dunny, which drops on Feburary 2nd '06.  In order to help ease the pain (or maybe just heighten it?), here's a closer look at two of the figures -- one by Gary Baseman and the other by Joe Ledbetter, as well as pics of the packaging. You'll be happy to know that the quality of both of the pieces we've seen is very high -- they're both a joy to look at and hold.  In a pleasant throwback to Series 1, LA Dunny has included artist cards (outside of the inner foil wrapperl so as to avoid "stickage").

Based on the box, there are a total of 16 figures in the series, 13 regular and 3 chase (including 2 mystery).  As for figure distribution, many fans will be relieved to know that the JLed Mr. Bunny Dunny is one of the most common pieces (9600 available) and should be  fairly easy to come by.  See below the "fold" for info about rarity/distribution (gleaned from the box ;-)



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MPH Twilight MAD*L's Drop Soon (1.06)

The sublime myplasticheart Twilight MAD*L's are available for preorder  now either individually ($32.99) or as a set which includes the figure, a 6" x 18"  signed and numbered giclee print and a two-sided metallic postcard ($59.99 - 50 total sets).  The figure is quite limited (300 pieces) and is expected to drop in late January. This figure is quite nice with the serene design setting it apart from most of the other designer vinyl pieces. Also, it's got a very small run which is a reasonable trade off for the higher price IMO.  Want it? Visit the Twilight MAD*L product page.

MPH Twilight Set

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OX-OP Series 2 2.5" Qees

The second series of 2.5" OX-OP Qees is coming soon from Toy2R and features a star-studded lineup including Baseman, Biskup, Thomas Han, Buffmonster, SHAG, Dave Cooper, Shepard Fairey, Frank Kozik and many more. While quite a few of the designs are from the 2004 Qeedrophonic show held at the OX-OP Gallery in Minnesota, there are also some new designs as well. Beyond being an affordable way to acquire designs that were originally customs or 8" pieces, Raymond Choy has indicated that some of the new designs may make the jump to 8" ;-)  While this approach may drive completists batty, it's nice being able to choose the size you'd like to collect (and can afford).  Apparently, this series will be available blind-boxed (with mystery figures) and also window-boxed for sale directly by the participating artists.  This dual approach sounds like a win-win.  So when does all this goodness hit?  The current target is late Feburary or early March.

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Dec 26, 2005

MAD*L Artist Series 1 drops soon (02.06)

Get ready for the MAD*L  Artist Series 1 from Wheaty Wheat Studios.  This series features six designs from MAD, Sket One, Chris Lee, Mimic, TADO and Frank Kozik with the majority based on the original 20" customs from the incredible MAD*L 2k5 show held earlier this year at Oulous Gallery.  Limited to 400 of each design, these will be dropping in Feburary '06 for $40 each.  Having seen production prototypes  in person,I can say that the quality  is really high with very clean paint jobs.  Definitely must have toys.  Want to preorder to make sure you get these?  While there may be several places offering presales, the one I know of for sure is a brand-new store, vinylfixx.com.   

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Save Huck: Evil Dipsy Munny by Devilboy

Here's a look at Devilboy's Evil Dipsy custom Munny done for the Save Huck Toy Drive.  Remember the Teletubbies?  Love 'em or hate 'em they were constantly in the news and on people's mind awhile back.   Devilboy's concept works on a  purely visual level as well as on a more "artistic" level.  Starting with the similarity in shapes, Devilboy has done an excellent job of bringing the Teletubbie to life as a Munny from the signature antenna to the subtle facial features.  The rendering of the blood is really nice too.  Rather than an explosion of blood, Devilboy uses it sparingly perhaps to greatter effect. The  intense single trail of dripping blood on the face has  real volume as opposed to  a flat burst of red.   This and other custom Munnys will be auctioned off on Ebay with the proceeds going toward Huck Gee's legal defense fund.  The exact timing is a little unclear, but according to the Save Huck thread on KR, it may be any day now :-)

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VP100K Contest

After a week of previews of the custom Cre8tive Peeples , the official giveaway for the VP100K event starts today. Here's a recap of this contest. There are 7 custom Cre8tive Peeples and 1 set of blank Cre8tive Peeples (Black, Red and White) to be given away to our lucky readers. Enter this contest by submitting a comment in this thread only. 8 winners will be randomly selected. As always read below for rules:

1. One entry per person; multiple entries disqualifies you.
2. Deadline to enter by: January 8, 2006 8:00pm  (PST)
3. Enter with valid email address
4. Shipping within Continental US is covered; shipping anywhere else is paid by winner
5. Winner must respond to VP's notification within 72 hours
6. One prize per person

Thanks to all artists involved and the folks at By George for providing the Cre8tive Peeples for this contest. Good luck everyone!!!!

Doktor A

Elizabeth Ito




Sket One

Tyson Summers

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Dec 25, 2005

Tyson Summer's VP100k Custom Cre8tive Peeples

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays!  Today we have a look at the 7th and final VP100k Custom Cre8tive Peeples. This superb green devil custom was created by the talented, soon-to-be-star Tyson Summers. Tyson's "Big Art" stands out nicely on the Cre8tive Peeples DIY platform.  Done in a painterly style, this green devil's head complete with striped 3D horns reveals a hard-edged cunning but the body complicates matters with an almost elegant vibe.   Tyson's custom is perhaps best described as an original painting on a 3d platform.  Beyond the creative design, the technique visible through details such as delicate brush strokes enhances its desirability.  These subtle details aren't readily appreciated from pictures and are best viewed in person.  One lucky winner of the VP100k Cre8tive Peeples Giveaway, starting this coming Monday,  will get that chance!  As an added bonus, Tyson's included "making of" pics and a sweet Big Art sticker.

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Touma's Cleak Skuttle

Touma's fans listen up!! If you couldn't get your hands on a Blue Skuttle when Touma came into town a few weeks ago, don't let this one pass you by. This is a clear Skuttle which also is a DIY version and is available through One Up in Japan. The price currently is set at approximately $52US and it should be available sometime in January or February. Email Ken at One-Up for further information. Whether you keep this Skuttle as clear as it comes in or doped it up with your own design, be sure not to miss out on this one. 

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Dec 24, 2005

Sket One's VP100K Cre8tive Peeples

Today’s VP100K custom Cre8tive Peeples is doped up by the talented New Haven, CT based artist Sket One. Sket’s first original vinyl creation was the Eggester, a bad ass “eggplant” and his designs for the Dunny series 1 and 2 are well sought after toys by collectors. Sket is no stranger to customizing toys. His one-off customs sells instantly.  For this event, Sket brings us his version of Charlie Brown. We all know the famous character of the comic and cartoon, Peanuts, and we have seen various forms of Charlie, but we have yet to see anything like this. Take a closer look and you will find 2 faces to this Charlie. On one side is the normal, sweet Charlie but give his head a turn and you have the whining, wailing Charlie. I wish I could keep this little fellow!!! Well, one lucky winner is going to get that chance starting next Monday, December 26. Check back tomorrow to see Tyson Summer’s piece. You won’t be disappointed. 

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Dec 23, 2005

Huck Gee @ Mechanized (1.21.06)

Huck Gee will have a solo art show opening at Mechanized in Salt Lake City, Utah on January 21st, 2006 from 5 to 7 PM.  He  will also be signing toys and other items for customers, collectors and loyal Hucksters!  This event coincides with the Sundance Film Festival, so make your trip truly special  with  sweet art and toys by one of the coolest dudes in the designer toy scene, Huck Gee.

Mechanized Records
511 West 200 South Suite #140
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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PhuEk's VP100k Custom Cre8tive Peeples

Our preview of the VP100K Custom Cre8tive Peeples for the upcoming giveway (12.26) rolls on today with a PhuEktastic piece by PhuEk, of course!  PhuEk's signature PhuEkonaut has made the transition from Trexi to Cre8tive Peeples quite nicely.  PhuEk always manages to pack in detail after detail thanks to his clever use and reuse of pieces from models, toys, and who knows what else ;-)  His VP100K  custom is no different as the PhuEkonaut's gear is intricately realized with dials, hoses, and other high-tech details.  And... if that wasn't enough, PhuEk decided to go the extra mile and add a jet-pack that powers up our intrepid space explorer.  Press the red button and the whole tube work on the back lights up and glows !   Pieces like this make us wish we could enter our own giveaway  :-)  5 down, 2 more to go! As we ease into the home stretch we'll have Sket One's VP100k C8P on Saturday.

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Tequila Week 27 -- Tequila Release Party Video

Click for Video
Wow, what a sweet ride it's been watching Tequila develop before us every week on Vinyl Pulse. Can you believe this is week 27!  This is the 2nd to last week of Tequila coverage -- but don't fret as we'll be ringing in the new year with El Panda starting on Friday January 6th ;-) Ok, for this week have a really slick video of the Tequila Release Party.

Tequila Release Party Video
You saw the pics for Muttpop’s  Tequila Figure release party. Now it’s time to see the Quicktime Video! The Tequila Release Party was featured on the AMAZING Urban Testing Ground  VIDEO BLOG by Superstar Blogger JOEL KUWAHARA.

Joel’s Urban Testing Ground sets a high bar of quality for video bloggers. His coverage of all things “underground” is always insightful and entertaining. Muttpop was very honored that Joel took the time and effort to showcase our first release party on his blog. Be sure to check out his other entries including a few on graf art and breaking.

Check back next week for a peek at RAW Tequila boxes loaded with hand-drawn original art!  And, starting in 2006 we'll have weekly coverage of  Muttpop's next dope toy.

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Pics from Future is Primitive @ Channel1 (12.02.05)

Here's one from the -- why hasn't that been posted yet? category :-)  So waaay back on Friday, December 2nd, Channel1 in New Haven CT hosted a custom skate deck show, Future is Primitive.  And our chief roving correspondent, Sket One, was on hand to snap these pics for your enjoyment.  Custom decks... mmmm...



MAD/ Sket One/

Sket One//


//Sket One




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Tim Biskup's Polska Cyclops

Here's a look at the latest 8" designer Egg Qee, Polska Cyclops by Tim Biskup.  Coming in  January '06 from Toy2R, this Red Edition will be limited to a very small run of 300 pieces for a retail price of $80. And believe it or not, follow-on editions will have even smaller runs!   I love 8" Egg Qees as they seem like an ideal toy "canvas" that features a large surface area while still retaining the overall toy vibe.  Polskya Cyclops is a prime example  with Tim Biskup's gorgeous art front and center.  Like his Acid Dunny, this one has a very happy mood, which I really dig.  In my book, this is a must have piece.  I wonder what the other colorways will be ?

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Dec 22, 2005

Nakanari's Crea8tive Peeples

Today we bring you the 4th custom VP100K Cre8tive Peeples. This one was  done up by Nakanari who is an artist based out of Florida. He's best known as the designer of the Misfits of Nakanari Funny Club figures, the spunky Naka and Nari. His most beloved designs are cute delicious customs doped up in a black and pink color motif. However, this time around he has brought us a new darker look. His Crea8tive Peeples is covered with white and brown blobs and shooting arrows from all directions.  The camouflaged toy comes with his own "gas mask" which appears to be cleverly made out of bottle caps. His menacing eyes piecre through his enemies without remorse.  This fellow isn't one to mess with as he is all ready for combat. Wouldn't you like to win this fella?  You'll have your shot when the giveaway starts next Monday (12.26).  We're halfway through our showcase of the VP100k Cre8tive Peeples -- time flies when you're having fun!  Tomorrow you will get to see PhuEk's creation!!!

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