Munny Show LA Pics

The Munny Show — last night was all about Custom Munnys for a great cause — helping children victimized by Hurricane Katrina.  The Munny Show was really three separate shows in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.  Francine and I went to the LA show which was held at the Rec Center Studio in Echo Park.  The crowd was pretty large but certainly not unmanageable — all in all the atmosphere was pretty relaxed.  There were separate areas for the display of the Munnys, bar, lounge area (!) and customizing station complete with a huge set of craft tools and art supplies.  Since it’s way late I’ll cut this report short. Here is each and every custom Munny shown at the LA show.  Props to the participating artists, Kidrobot staff, and all the generous sponsors. 

Mari Araki


Greg "Craola" Simkins

Mark Hoppus

Brandt Peters

Mike Shinoda

Michael Motorcyle

Masa Critica

miQ willmOtt

John Michael Gill

Jim Koch

Clayton Brothers Studio

Cameron Tiede

Jess Perlitz

Cody Pickrodt

Buff Monster

Joe Ledbetter

Joe Vaux

David Flores





Dez Einswell

Jason Sho Green

Jeff Soto

The Designers Republic

James Jean


Jamie Tallerico


Luke Chueh

Andrew Brandou



Ana Bagayan

Richard VanOver

Mad Barbarians

Alanya Magnan

Anthony Ausgang

Hans Joerg Lohn

Jon Burgerman


Nathan Spoor

Anthony Ausgang

Fawn Gehweiler

Nic Cowan



Ed Templeton

Kathie Olivas

Jophen Stein

Mitch O’Connell

Dylan Anderson

Serena Lander

P-Jay Fidler

Sour Harvest


Kerry Kate

Lesley Reppeteaux

Rick Owens


Tim McCormick

Scott Saw

Ryan Bubnis

L. Croskey

Korin Faught

Freddi Cerasoli

Little Friends of Printmaking

Joe Ledbetter


Gary Baseman

Tim Biskup

Tim Biskup

Thomas Han


The Pizz









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