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Oct 27, 2005

'Cut & Paste' Head to Head Design Competition

The Cut & Paste graphic design competition will be held on November 19th @ 10 PM at M1-5 (Tribeca, NY).  Hosted by MC Bobbito, Cut & Paste will feature a tournament style arrangement pitting  eight competitors head to head with a maximum of  15 minutes to work on an assigned design theme.  The crowd will be able to view the competition up close and personal through large projection screens.  The idea is based on DJ Battles  but instead of DJ's spinnin' it'll feature  graphic designers armed with Mac G5's, Wacom tablets and such.  The competition will be judged by  Tristan Eaton (Thunderdog Studios), Kendrick Reid (Comedy Central), Doug Jaeger (thehappycorp global), Jeff Staple (Staple Design).  All eight contestants will receive a cool gift bag, the semi-finalists will also receive a whopping 2GB Mimobot from Mimoco  and the winner will receive an Apple iBook for his or her dope under-pressure designs. 

Cut & Paste seems like a pretty innovative idea whose time has come.  Designer toys are one canvas and outlet for talented designers to get their work seen, appreciated, purchased and enjoyed.  Competitons such as Cut and Paste will likely raise the bar for top-notch graphic design and by extension designer toys as well. 

Want to Enter?
Drop an e-mail to  cutandpastecontest@gmail.com by NOVEMBER 4TH with the subject "ENTER CONTEST" with the following information:

1) Name, address, phone number
2) Work info - position, employer, brief job description
3) Link to website, portfolio, or other online proof-of-work (no attachments please)
4) Brief bio (3 sentences max)

For more info check out www.cutandpastecontest.com.

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Heyo - just so you know, the URL to CUT&PASTE is misspelled. The link is good, but it should read: www.cutandpastecontest.com. Thanks!! -John

Whoops! Fixed -- thanks for the heads up.

Meet the contestants, ya'll:
Who Will Be the CUT&PASTE Champion?
These 8 Have the Inside Track

Contact: John Fiorelli at 917.817.6240 or johnfiorelli@yahoo.com.
Jeremy Greenfield at 215.668.2016 or jeremydg@gmail.com.

New York, Ny. – After much deliberation, coffee, and, eventually, pancakes, the 8 contestants who will compete to be the CUT&PASTE Champion this Saturday, November 19th at M1-5 at 52 Walker St. have been chosen. Meet the contestants, in alphabetical order:

Diana Dalsass
Web: www.dianadalsass.com
Bio: Diana started by designing flyers for house parties and printing them out on the Xerox copier at her corporate day job. Since then, she has designed flyers all over Boston, NY and LA and collaborated on an independent record label, BananzaMusic.com. She currently freelances and plans and promotes parties at FutureClassic.net.

Francisco Perez
Web: http://pacman23.gutterspaced.com/
Bio: Francisco describes himself as an illustrater/graphic designer/comic book colorist/Super Mario Kart champion. He doesn't like to be called Eugenio and likes Pandas.

Jesse Raker
Web: www.socity.com
Bio: Jesse describes his style as nas/qtip/diamond D/method merged graphically. He is originally from New York City and enjoys walking its streets.

John Siers
Web: http://pratt-talent.com/browse.php/portfolio/284/
Bio: John is a “messenger of design.” He operates as a freelance illustrator in NYC at Media Blasters, a company specializing in anime, manga, and bizarro films. He regularly conquers diabolical Photoshop challenges at somethingawful.com.

Andrew Sturgess
Web: http://pratt.edu/~asturges/
Bio: Andrew self-transplanted from Clinton, Connecticut (Bluefish Capital of The World) to Brooklyn's Pratt Institute in 1998. His endeavors include design, illustration, fashion, psych-garage, spinning ragga jungle and throwing kick-ass roof parties. Shout out: clubhappybest.com.

Anisa Suthayalai
Web: www.bydefault.org
Bio: Anisa was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. She currently works for 2x4 inc. in New York and does freelance work for “Default.” She is a somewhat accident-prone, kamikaze snowboarder. Her mom and her boyfriend are her biggest fans.

Daniel Weise
Web: www.danielweise.com
Bio: Dan recently quit his job at Heavy.com to focus on publishing the next issue of SHERBERT magazine. He is currently working on a plan to move out to Coney Island next summer to sell strawberry shortcake on the Boardwalk with his girlfriend.

Miriam Weiskind
Web: www.mdoubleu.com
Bio: This Ohioan turned New Yorker has found a home as graphic designer for the hip New Jew Review, Heeb Magazine, bringing with her an eccentric style full of humor and spontaneity. She prefers Puma to Nike, Coke to Pepsi, Slurpies to Icees, and wiener dogs to all other dogs.

The CUT&PASTE Competition

The contest is being presented by Audio Visual Disorder (AVD) and is being sponsored by Psyop, Tekserve, Karmaloop, Crumpler, and Wacom; Red Stripe will be providing free beer. Prize sponsors include: KidRobot, myPlasticHeart, Mimoco, Crumpler, Sophomore, Sugarcuts, and illightenment. Media sponsors include: LVHRD, Flavorpill, Cool Hunting, Hired Guns, Super7, ProteinOS, FRENCH’N’FRESH, Swerve, Design is Kinky, Theme Magazine, and NYTokyo. VIP passes, drink passes, and gift bags will be available to the media.

Event Details:
What: Live design contest: see New York’s hottest graphic artists in action
When: Saturday, November 19th: doors at 9 pm, competition at 10, party 12-4 am
Where: M1-5: 52 Walker St, between Broadway and Church
Who: The judges are:
Tristan Eaton, Founder of Thunderdog Studios
Kendrick Reid, Vice President of On-Air Design at Comedy Central
Doug Jaeger, Creative Director of thehappycorp global
Jeff Staple, Founder of Staple Design
Kylie Matulich, Creative Director of Psyop


i'm sad that you won't send me emails anymore, but i
understand. i have begun to see now the symbols that
you talk about. it's like learning to read music when
i was 5. if you don't know how to read the individual
notes, you'll never understand - how can it all can
sound like this...? my life has always been kind of
magnetic, i knew this at a young age, just like maati.
every time i look down at theo my heart rips apart and
burns into the center of my body. it aches but his own
pain is far worse. it is so unfair for anyone to
deliberately harm innocence. he will heal but he'll
never be quite the same. in my dream someone was next
to me. i'm sure, but i didn't know who. we both had
theo's blood on our hands yesterday. i know too that
this is a symbol. theo is a part of me. and i know
what the snake symbolizes. this is something else that
is inside of me. my heart has broken open but it's
only because a part of it has been closed for so long
now. it is so open and it hurts but it has to
strengthen to be free. there has to be a breaking
point. but theo will survive. i called a friend
tonight. she helped me fill this space for a little
while. i realized that if i want to move forward in my
life and spread love, then i must be open. it will
happen organically. you are right - everything is
there. just like one of your seeds in the little cup
on the counter that hasn't opened yet, that doesn't
know where it is. it needs the right element as the
key to unlock it. like the first rain after a long
spell of drought. timing is crucial. but someone is
looking after it and hears its prayers for soil and
water and sun. we are at different points, but on the
same vertical line. just like your stocks. there will
be changes to come. growth. ups. downs. you can see
the patterns better than most people because you have
a larger perspective. many people used to think that
the earth was flat. they can think that you are crazy
but i can't thank you enough for what you have shown
me. it will repeat itself. it is never really just
about one person. there are many others. it is the
most important thing we have. we will finish our
project. don't worry. you will leave a part of
yourself here before you go. one love always.

Diana Dalsass
Graphic Designer

literally- she offered him a good BJ and sex without condoms.try that too with her, u won't regret...

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