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Oct 16, 2005

The Monster Show

Elizabeth Ito

The Monster Show at Nucleus Gallery featured works by 40 plus artists with a common theme of "monsters". However, some of these creatures were definitely cuter than others, like Elizabeth Ito's 3d sculpt monster.With 7 eyes, 3 pairs of legs and 6 hands, this little fellow was enclosed in a "tank", made him a very desireable pet. While most of the pieces were 2d art, I imagine the characters to be easily  transformed into a 3d toy. Don't take my word for it....find out for yourself.    

Cameron Tiede


Chris Lee

Thomas Han

Emma Goo

Kazu Klbuishi

Chris Appelhans

Wilson Swain

Israel Sanchez

Mattew Pasquarello

Johnny Yanok

Chris Ryniak

Albert Caranza

Catia Chien & Jacob Magraw

Mary Hoffman

Anna  Chambers

Julie Nishiaka

Patrick Dorian

Brandt Peteres

Amanda Visell

Brianne Drouhard

Annie Owens

Irineo Maramba


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Wow what a cool show!
I'm really liking Kazu Klbuishi's piece!

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