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Jul 10, 2005

Wheaty Wheat at SDCC

Wheaty Wheat will have a packed booth at Comic-Con (#4437) with signings from each of their artists, custom Mad*l's, prototypes of upcoming toys, and more.  Based on their official press release, here are the sweet highlights:

  • Signings by MAD, Thomas Han, Christopher Lee, Sket One, Joe Ledbetter and Andrew Bell. Check the booth for the complete schedule.

  • MAD and WW will be offering a rare opportunity for collectors -- a chance to purchase one of 10 custom Mad*l's for the very reasonable price of $150. Here's how this will work -- 2 or 3 specific customs will be made available for sale at the start of each day of the 'con ( 6pm on preview night and 10am for the rest of the show).  Because of their exclusivity, these Mad*l customs will be limited to one per person for the duration of the 'con.  So be sure to get there early if you want a chance to take one of these home!

  • Sket One will have several limited items for sale, including hot pink Eggsters, a limited edition silver and gold Dae Dae Dunny print, a DeLuxe Fiery print,  and a set of 3-buttons (Eggster, Dae Dae, and Bob's Big Boy).  Purchasers of the button set will qualify to win a signed Dae Dae chase Dunny. Check this previous VP entry for pics.

  • Every purchase of one of Thomas Han's Cosmic Quiglys will qualify for a special raffle.

  • The booth will also feature prototypes of several upcoming exciting toys including Christopher Lee's colorful Urbanites, the first vinyl toy from a line of Thomas Han characters and  a guest debut of  prototypes of British comic book artist/creator Chronic Fatigues’ Joe and Mixy from the popular comic book series “Our World”.

  • In addition, Phase 1 and Phase 2 Mad*l's will be available for sale.  Last but not least, Wheaty Wheat studios shirts and posters individually designed by their artists!

So be sure to drop by the Wheaty Wheat booth (#4437) to soak it all in and buy some great toys and merchandise!

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