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Jul 24, 2005

What's in the Future?

There were so many toys at SDCC, some for sale but there were also a handful of exciting prototypes teasing us with what the future holds for  toy collectors. When asked when we are expecting to see these toys for sale on the market, we got a shoulder shrug and "I hope soon" answer. Well, I have selected a few of my favorites and am praying hard and long that they will be here SOON!!! Pray with me?

Hana by PhalanX

Mellow by Chris Lee

Pain Killer by Thomas Han

Stitches by MAD

Dr. Bomb by Kozik

Bomb Jr. by Kozik

Possessed by Luke Chueh


Sours by Brendan Monroe

Nanospores by PhalanX

Painter by Jeff Soto


Anime Girls

Wired Bunny By  Anna Devil

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The picture labeled "Anime Girls" is so cute. Can someone please tell me what show the "Anime Girls" dolls are from and whether this is something I can buy or not?


I believe these were at Bandai's booth at SDCC '05. They were painted prototypes. I'm not sure if they have progressed beyond that stage. While completely gorgeous, not sure such a high-gloss and super-nice paint job could be carried over to production pieces. Here's hoping though!

Thanks for the info. Do you happen to know what Anime they are from?

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