Jul 14, 2005

Request for SDCC

So, last night we uploaded a batch of preview pictures from SDCC but the coverage doesn't stop there. Every night we will update with more pictures of the event. If you have any particular interest in a specific toy/booth, let us know,  we will try our best to get some pics for you. Leave your request with a comment. Happy hunting!!

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Gwins! Right next to Toy2R, pictures of them would be ace :)

Okkle mate there are a load already up in last night's gallery.
Starting here http://nirvana.blogs.com/photos/sdcc_day_one_/img_0327.html

Yeah, I was happy to see a picture of the Rubber_D Gwin!! I've still gotta place my pre-order. Actually there was a lot of stuff in the gallery that I REALLY like, but must.......not...........buy. Keep up the great reporting Vinyl Pulse!

My Gwin is up there so I'm well happy :D
Just got to hope it gets picked now. Some other great designs, I really like voltaires and that draon head has go to be the most imaginative use of a penguin ever lol :D

Thanks for posting photos VP! Were the Tokyo Plastic "Opera Dudes" for sale and for how much? If you find time, could take pics of it from the side and back? That would be great!

Hi all. I'll try to post up more info on PhalanX's Nanospores soon. As for Toyko Plastic's Opera Dude -- pics may take a little while. The one at the booth is pretty inaccesible -- will have to take pics of the one I bought :-)

VERY COOL COVERAGE! The pics are great! I'm particularly interested in the Chop Shop stuff, can you get some more pictures of the show? Btw, have you seen a MiniCopper in Gundam style there?
Many Thanks,
James :o

pics of all the Kidrobot mystery toys would be real nice.

I'd like to see a picture of Muttpop Bob! Thanks.

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