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Jul 11, 2005

PhuEkonaut Contest!

Have you seen PhuEk's amazing Trexi customs and wished you  could own one of them for yourself?  Well, you're in luck!  PhuEk and Vinyl Pulse are giving people the opportunity to win a PhuEkonaut custom Trexi!  To enter the contest, create an original 2d interpretation (drawing, illustration, painting) of the PhuEkonaut and submit an image file of it (details below).  The winner will be chosen by a judging panel of PhuEk,  Sket One and Francine.  Please read the nitty gritty details below:

  • To enter please create a 2d interpretation (drawing, illustration, painting) of PhuEk's PhuEkonaut (pictured in this post) containing your original artwork. Submission process: Email an image file (jpeg or PNG) to vinylpulse@gmail.com with the title of "PhuEkonaut Contest".  The file must be at least 800x600 pixels so the judges don't have to ruin their eyesight from excessive squinting!  Also, do not include any identifying  text or logos in your image -- the judging will be blind so as to be as fair as possible. In your email also include the following information: your full name, artist name/psuedonym (if any), and title of your piece (if any) and the medium used to create your piece.  Only one entry will be accepted per person.
  • The deadline for submission is August 1st!
  • Vinyl Pulse will post each entry for all to enjoy (at the discretion of Vinyl Pulse).
  • The winner will be determined based on the evaluation of the submissions by the judging panel consisting of: PhuEk, Sket One and Francine Ang(Vinyl Pulse).  The winner will receive a PhuEkonaut custom trexi created by PhuEk specifically for this contest.  Due to the hand-done nature of this prize, it may vary slightly from the one pictured in this post.
  • Vinyl Pulse reserves the right to extend the length of the contest should the judging panel decide that there is an insufficient number of entries by the  deadline.
  • Vinyl Pulse reserves the right to make slight revisions to the rules should the need arise.
  • Have fun with this!  We're  looking forward to what people come up with!
  • Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment or email me directly.

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Oh how cool!
I love this custom Phuek, this is definetly a contest worth entering :D

Ah so Phuekonaut is about to being released, he is getting his freedom.

2d interpretation? what does tha mean?

To enter the contest you must create an original 2d art work (illustration, drawing, painting) featuring the PhuEkonaut and then submit an image of it (see above for full directions)

Hey, just wondering if there's any news on the winner of this wicked little custom? I really want to see what everyone submitted! Thanks x

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