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Jul 12, 2005

Jeff Soto @ SDCC

Jeff Soto has some fantastic stuff in store for his fans and toy collectors alike for comic-con at the Critterbox Booth (#4529).  First up is his brand new book, "Potato Stamp Dreams - The Art of Jeff Soto". The 148 page hard-cover volume features graffiti, photography, drawing and art installations as well as 200 full-color paintings.  The book is available online directly from the publisher, Mark Murphy Design,  for $41 with the added bonus of a free 48-page mini-zine. Plus, the first 100 online orders will receive a signed copy of the book.

Second and certainly not least, he will be showing a prototype of his forthcoming Walker toy based on his popular "Gumivore Love" painting.  Jeff posted the first shots of the prototype today... and I'm almost speechless.  It's just too good!  The overall feel is  impressive, towering, yet decidedly friendly and cheerful -- love that smile.  Detail?  Whoa boy -- tons!  The dashboard is incredibly intricate.  This toy is expected to be a whopping 13 inches high!  Without a doubt this is on the top of my "must buy" list.  Do you get the feeling that I like this toy ?!?! It's a way's off yet as Jeff and Critter Box want to get it just right.  It's going to be sweet torture waiting for this toy to come along to release. 

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Wow that walker looks fantastic!
Take you time with it guys, I need plenty of time to save up. My 'to buy' list is way to long and expensive at the moment. :D

now that is a toy!

Ya bratha told me your toy was off the hook. Im impressed! Beatmakers will be in contact. (poh-pih)

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