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Jul 07, 2005

Guardians by MAD

The Guardians are here!   MAD's new solo project makes its debut in a very limited art bundle (edition of 100) that includes a signed and numbered print, T-Shirt and Skate Deck for $150.  MAD will have 15 of these bundles for sale at Comic-Con.  Or you can buy one directly right now by dropping him a line.  Go out and get yourself a bundle!

These guys are ready for some serious divine intervention -- tough to the core and ready for battle.  Cherubs? Hardly :-)  The black/red color scheme is slick and fits in nicely to the overall vibe.  Revenue from the bundles will go to funding the production of the Guardians  toys which from what I hear will be nothing short of amazing. This is MAD's first big solo project on his own -- his company, his money...  Exciting stuff!

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There is only 14 left now cause you know i am gettin a pack!!!!

These look awesome!
Gonna be amazing as a toy! Top work as ever from MAD :D

Don't hold out for the toy. Get the pack now!

Can't afford it, but will save up for the toy!
Damn my list of 'things to save for' is getting long O_O

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