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Jul 24, 2005

Artists and etc...

Seeing the artists with their creations makes the toy collecting hobby a bit more personal, so here are most of our pictures of artists signing at SDCC. Taking photos of artists while they are signing is a whole new ball game from taking photos of toys. I usually take a quick shot while trying to stay out of people's way, so some of the pics may have come out a bit blurry. Nonetheless, here they are..enjoy!!!


Mad Barbarians




John Koch

David and Sun-Min

Chris Lee and John

Jay and Anna

Tristan Eaton

Kozik, Raymond, MCA

NYC Lase

Elizabeth Ito


Thomas Han

Patrick of Munky King

Freaks :-)


Gary Lo

Bwana Spoons


Neo-Kaiju Crew

Nathan Jureuicius 


George and Ayleen

Sket-One with a VP shirt

Baseman and Hot Cha Cha

Jack and his friend

Mad, Adrian and Darren (Play Times)

Paul with CP

Big Art By Tyson Summers

Raymond with Mad Barbarians

Andrew Bell

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It's a good thing you only got SKET's back, you saved yourself a camera lens!

Wish I had more time to hang with the toy crews, unfortunately my gang is usually on the opposite side of the hall. Had a good time though, thanks to everyone I got to meet.

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