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Jun 13, 2005

Good Wood Gang by Friends With You

Remember those wood blocks you used to play with as kid? Yeah…the ones that come in different colors and different shapes…the ones you spent hours building structures of castles, houses, cars or just about anything you could imagine. Well, Sam and Arturo of Friends With You gave those wood blocks a total make over and came up with 5 amazing new toys called The Good Wood Gang. They use a peg system which allows you to create crazy pieces ranging from 5 inches to 10 inches tall. How cool is that???? It's  like receiving a new toy everyday. 

The Good Wood Gang is making their debut in Los Angeles  on July 7th at Kidrobot and on the 8th at the new Giant Robot store in New York.  Sam will be at the New York reception and Arturo will be at the LA reception.  As a bonus,  there will be costumed performances at both launches. If the toys are any indication, the launches will be filled with good old fun!! There will also be a release at the StrangeCo booth at Comic-Con. So whether it is LA, NY or SD, just make sure you stop by and check them out!!  The following pics of the Good Wood Gang are courtesy of Sam.

Black Foot

Squid Racer

Sweet Tooth

Mr. T.T.T. Burger

Lucky Doovoo

Official Box Images

Black Foot Box

Squid Racer Box

Sweet Tooth Box

Mr. T.T.T. Burger Box

Lucky Doovoo Box

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Nice review... Check out the interview we did with them back in April of '04: http://www.crowndozen.com/features/archives/000305.shtml

Awesome interview!

i think i have to have sweet tooth. although how i'm going to stop at just one of them is beyond me...

Haha cool! Squid Racer has a 'singing robot head'.
If I get any it'll be him just for that :D

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